Dmitry Sheiko's


ver. 1.0

BlogSlideShow comprises my library tEffects, which tries to apply CSS3 transitions to achieve the effects. If the browser does not support CSS3, it visualizes the effects using JS. So the plugin is running effects as good as the browser can afford. Likely you already have images on blog pages linked. Just add rel attribute containing blogslideshow to them.

Form auto-completion tool
ver. 1.0

Bookmaklet to fill out forms when testing by simply clicking on it.

Css3 windows metro tiles
ver. 0.1

A Simple javascript replication of the subtle tilting effect when you click a tile in windows 8. Tilejs uses css3 transforms, so it is only supported by modern browsers.

JSA: a light-weight hookable factory
ver. 1.0

Allows to turn your objects of module pattern into classes extendable by a tiny factory. The factory is plugin-able and can enable interfaces, mixins and design by contract support.

Brush Up Your English
ver. 2.0

Online Self-Study Quizzes

ver. 4.0

This toolkit is the simplest way to create own in-text advertising system using IntelliTXT (IntelliImages/IntelliMedia) technology approach.

Cross-browser CSS generator
ver. 1.0

You provide a CSS declaration (e.g. transition: inset 5px black;) and the services tries to make it cross-browser. It adds All required vendor-prefixed alternatives and tricks to support IE 5.5 - 8 (e.g. opacity: 0.5;)

Deutsche Verben Flashcards
ver. 1.0

These are 221 cards bearing most common German verbs. Each time when the page is loaded, 20 of random cards are displayed.

Easy-to-customize responsive player for embedded Youtube or HTML5 videos
ver. 0.2.3

This player has adapters for Youtube and HTML video APIs. So you can use it as customizable Youtube player or as HTML video player with fallback to Youtube player if the user browser does not support HTML5 video element.

Swipe Page Navigation
ver. 0.1

Provides touch gesture control to navigate site pages

Social Media ShareBar with Fisheye Effect
ver. 1.0

Either you likely provide already sharing buttons to you blog posts or not, you may be interested in this light-weight solution. Why? Because it's fancy, it takes very little space on your page and it is so easy to attach.

Real-time messaging micro-framework
ver. 1.0

Used as an example to the article Bringing realtime to your web applications

Clean MS Word HTML
ver. 2.0

If you just copy some text fragment from MS Word to your WYSIWYG you will likely get not the view you expected. Besides, when you open the source code you'll find a lot of hidden service HTML tags, often of the amount which is more then the actual copied