Thesaurus Tooltip jQuery Plugin

This toolkit is the simplest way to create own in-text advertising system using IntelliTXT (IntelliImages/IntelliMedia) technology approach.

You can apply the plugin for content areas on your site pages and it will highlight all the terms from the dictionary (by default: sample.csv). When hovering a term, visitors of your site will get definition of the term on a tooltip. Content of the appeared tooltip is being processed as well. So if any terms are encountered , they get definition-tooltips attached. If you switch to DB data-source, you will have visits and click statistics collected.

You can use this plugin to create intelligent advertisement, tooltip to show portal news description, interactive reference book and so on and so forth.

Features of Thesaurus 4.0

Usage and API

Step 1

Unpack the package into a folder on your server. Include the plugin script after jQuery (requires jQuery 1.4+):

Step 2

Now let's apply the plugin on a set of elements when document is ready. Here any article elements on the page will be parsed for thesaurus terms:

Available Options

defines if the plugin does case sensitive search for the terms
transition effect for tooltip: fade or any manual
states if the plugins collects tooltip click and view statistics into queue and uploads the queue to the server every 5 sec (if it is not empty).

Back-end configuration

In ./app/Config/config.php you will find a CSV file is set up as data source. If you want to use DB, just uncomments another configuration section.

Manual transition effects making

You can make your own effect for Thesaurus using CSS3. Just describe the initial state of tooltip overlay and final state. Name those CSS classes by the pattern thesaurus-EFFECTNAME-start and thesaurus-EFFECTNAME-end:

Now you can just specify the effect (EFFECTNAME) in the plugin options.


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